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What's Become of Uncle Sam?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

My first attempt at writing poems. Hope you like it.

A generous man once were you,
The hungry left your door, well fed
And in people's hearts you drew
A cheeful countenance, a merry head.

The homeless flocked your golden shores
To forget their ghoulish, hideous past,
To re-live by the sweat of their fores
As long as breath of life did last.

Orphans you sheltered beneath your fold;
Protector of those defenseless souls.
What's become of Uncle Sam of Old?
Why is he after futile goals?

You went after pests that plagued your lands,
To smoke the rodents from their dens.
Right have you to guard your sands,
And to soothe your sundry denizens.

Rid it of every pestilence;
Everything save but one, the Alpha Male.
These critters breed at every chance
And anywhere, anytime and any scale.

With every success your pride did grow
And in rage of arrogance you did call
War in Persia, your might to show.
Silliest of notions of them all.

Searching through the desert - an elusive beast;
Till you found him hiding underground.
The greatest trophy from the East
Through months of quest you had found.

Then you put him up for all to see,
Unkempt, scraggy little desert rat,
The whole wide world viewed with pity
Though they knew this evil autocrat.

On desert sands your sons do bleed
Though no one knows the Master Plan.
Everything reeks of oil and greed
And of basic instincts of a man.

Your Russian foe's dead and gone
And there's no one else to blame,
Save but you and you alone
And no one else the rebels can maim.

Every soul on earth does fear
And wonders, puzzled and perplexed
When this giant of a man will rear
His ugly head and say, "You're next!"

You are an eagle flying high;
Casting shadows on the dirt below,
Sole arbiter to let live or die.
Have you no remorse nor sorrow?

Beat about the bush, that I cannot do.
We're sick of seeing blood and gore
I'll tell it straight, straight to you,
"Uncle Sam, Nobody loves you any more!"


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At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Maria said...

Is this really your first attempt at writing poems? Its too good to be true.

At 12:00 AM, Blogger TerritorialMale said...

Thanks for the compliment. I hope to get better at it.


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