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Saturday, December 10, 2005

OK, things might not have gone the way I wanted it to but it turned out all right. First, my exam didn't go too well as I had planned. The paper was a bit too tough. Frustration level was high and to compound things, I somewhat forgot the answers to the questions I had practiced earlier. All the preparation gone down the drain.

I certainly would have loved to have it the other way.

Here I was, ambling down the road looking glum, complaining (to myself) about how I wasted six months of study, worried about my future, worried that I would not measure up to anything in life---why do such things happen to me only? The tension kept building up in me.
I have the right to be worried, haven't I? Afterall, I am a hardworking & responsible person. Also, I quit job for further studies just to get a better foothold in life.
A good degree is a necessity in India. A higher qualification means a better life. Every good-paying job interview attracts quite a number of candidates. All are graduates and many hold post-graduate degrees. So what does a mere Bachelor's degree do to your standing? The answer is anybody's guess.
So here I was---thinking. (Am I overdoing this bit?) Then I came across an old friend. He is married and has a son. I haven't seen him in class or the exams lately, though we take the same course.

"Why don't I see you in college?" I enquired.

To this he replied that he had a lot of things on his mind. Like me, he too had quit his job a few years earlier. Like me, he too wanted a better life. Unlike me, he was married and with a kid. He had certain demands (from Mrs) that needed immediate attention.
I quote him verbatim.
"I have financial issues."
He had taken up another job to make ends meet and had been returning home from work. He wasn't the same Mr. X of three years ago. He had confided in me then that he would be living off his savings till the course is over. Today, he was in a financial quagmire. The present job wasn't a high paying job albeit he saw a future in it. I could see that there really was a lot on his mind which he kept to himself. Men are not good at sharing troubles with others as women are.

"I will complete the course one day but for now it is on hold." Those were his last words as I boarded the taxi to take me home.

This brings me to my conclusion. I will complete the course one day. Come rain or come shine...and I have troubles just as much as I can take...but others may have more.
I have good parents who are willing to stand by me and I have a God who has never let me down. So why worry? As a favourite song of mine goes - There has to be sunshine after rain.


At 3:51 AM, Anonymous Karma said...

You are so funny. LOL


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